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November 21, 2022

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Our best episodes so far, in Paul and Bill's opinion as well as voted by you the listeners:

People love them some Ed Feser. Hear our discussion of his talk on the distinction between mind and material processes at the 2018 Society of Catholic Scientists conference.

The last two episodes of the first season, where we talk to Chris Baglow and Jay Martin of the McGrath Institute for Church Life at Notre Dame about their campaign to eliminate the perceived gap between the Catholic faith and modern science.

The first episode, where we lay out our plans for the podcast. First, is it possible both to be religious and to believe in the methods and results of science? (Hint: yes.) Second, what additional insights do we get if we let ourselves think about both at the same time, whether in the context of cosmology and the ultimate origin of being, space, time, matter, and energy, or when we try to better understand ourselves?

Our two-part interview with the one and only Guy Consolmagno, the head of the Vatican Observatory. In the first episode, Guy discusses the pitfalls of being a popularizer, and the difficult life of Carl Sagan. In the second, we discuss trying to teach science and placing it in the broader perspective of human life and existence.

Evolution is a hot button topic... pretty impressive for an idea as old as it is. It goes way back beyond Darwin, and extends to a lot more than biology. In this episode we discuss not only the fascinating story of mineral and planet evolution, but consider how evolution is really a core principle of Christianity as well.

Darcia Narvaez is an emerita professor at Notre Dame who has very strong arguments about the need for better nurturing and socialization in the lives of children.

Karin Oberg is a rising researcher in planetary science and a board member of the Society of Catholic Scientists...a convert to Catholicism...a compelling person all around.

Father Bob Spitzer, SJ is a big thinker at the intersection of faith and science, a former president of Gonzaga University, and someone we really wanted to have on the show!

"Hemispheres Playing God" is an episode about neurobiology and the difference between right and left brain thinking, which is not exactly what pop culture and pop science would have you believe.

Natasha Toghramadjian is a young seismologist, a speaker at the Society of Catholic Scientists meeting in 2021, and another person with a story to tell about being a Catholic scientist in today's culture.

"The Long Road to Mathematical Physics" contains some of Paul's meditations upon teaching a course in basic calculus and celestial mechanics at Wyoming Catholic College and how arduous it really was to break out from the mathematical structures of the Greeks to strike out on the new paths of the 17th century.

Matthew Cloud is a distinguished computer scientist and cybersecurity expert who also teaches at Holy Cross College. Hear his impassioned plea for people of faith to get involved in tech and change its culture for the better.

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