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April 7, 2019

That’s So Second Millennium is brought to you by Paul Giesting and William Schmitt.

 Paul, watching the sun rise over Haleakala, Maui.

Paul, watching the sun rise over Haleakala, Maui.

Paul Giesting is a scientist and writer from rural Indiana. After a childhood punctuated by 4-H projects and academic competitions, he got degrees in earth science and Latin classics at Washington University in St. Louis, then a PhD in geology from Notre Dame.

He has since worked in several different areas of geological research, as well as in the environmental industry. His research and professional work includes the physics of minerals from the Earth’s deep interior, the behavior of nuclear waste in the environment, the behavior of clay in carbon sequestration reservoirs, the effect of shock and highly saline fluid on Martian meteorites… and cleaning up Gilligan’s gas station on Waikiki. He loves Hawai’i, fantasy fiction, and that feeling he gets when things start making sense.

Paul’s Google Scholar profile.

Paul’s book reviews on Goodreads.

 Bill, looking dapper as usual at a function at Catholic U. with his daughter Mary.

Bill, looking dapper as usual at a function at the Catholic University of America with his daughter Mary.

Bill Schmitt is a journalist and communications professional whose coverage of science has included several years as Senior Editor of Chemical Week and whose experience in education has included 13 years on staff at the University of Notre Dame. As a strategic marketing consultant active in print and broadcast media, he creates and manages content for several organizations. Bill’s family home is in South Bend, Indiana, although he is a native Long Islander. He has degrees from Fordham and Princeton universities.

A passion for book authorship (two books published by University of Notre Dame Press), combined with his interest in secular journalism for the common good, prompted Bill to write When Headlines Hurt: Do We Have a Prayer?, which has the Seal of Approval from the Catholic Writers Guild. Affairs. Without any seal of approval, he jams, performs, and teaches with his accordion at every opportunity.  

Bill’s blog at aims for thought-leadership on issues of news and social polarization. Reach him at